Himanshu Shekhar Mishra

A Professional Chartered Engineer Approved & IBBI Registered Valuer On Panel of Official Liquidator, Delhi High Court

Himanshu Shekhar Mishra

Himanshu Shekhar Mishra


Academic: B Tech (Mechanical Engg), MBA
Professional: Chartered Engineer ; IOV Approved & IBBI Registered Valuer

Work Experience: 30 years since 1990 in techno-commercial disciplines with Public Sector Units viz. Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited, Hindustan Copper Ltd. AND Private Sector companies : Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd., The India Thermite Co. Ltd., Oriental Infrastructure, Anjani Technoplast & Corp Scan Group.

Related Exposure

Undertaking evaluation and determination exercise to meet project objectives leading to providing Asset Valuation | CE Certification | Fitness | Coponentisation Certificate | as also bankable project / TEV reprots to :

  1. Delhi High Court :: CASL, Gwalior case regarding movable and immovable property damages.
  2. Sapan Industries :: Damage / Salvage value of plant & Machinery post fire at the unit.
  3. Maruti Service Master :: on establishing machine workshop in Okhla.
  4. Himalaya Cotton Yarn Limited, Kasuali, Solan, H.P. :: Chartered Engineer Certification towards Setting up of Integrated Cold Chain Project under the Scheme of Cold Chain, Value Addition and Preservation Infrastructure
  5. Colour Design India, Dehradun :: PROJECT ESTIMATION COSTING
  6. GSI Planning & Management :: COST ESTIMATES (Plant & Machinery) verification for Food Sector project in Karnatka
  7. Grant Thorton, Gurgaon :: Chartered Engineer Certification document validation / attestation for instrumentation project application
  8. UFI Filters, Bawal :: for the moulds / dies fitness and worth residual life estimate.
  9. Diamond Electric, Bawal :: for plant and machinery certification to be re-exported for repais and return
  10. Ranbaxy :: for the machinery imported and established at their functional units
  11. Kawai Thermal Power Plant:: for the crawler crane on its residual life and current health
  12. VSR Ventures :: for Aircraft purchase in Vadodara from Alembic
  13. Anshika Polysurf :: setting up of surfactant manufacturing unit in Bharuch
  14. CHD Developers :: TEV for grant of loan from Bank for eWay Twin Towers on Dwarka Expressway
  15. BSES, Delhi :: for both Yamuna and Rajdhani Power valuation from grid to meter level across Delhi
  16. Hajira Container Freight Station Pvt Ltd :: Techno Economic Validation Report
  17. Tropicsunn, NOIDA :: CE Certification for Export of Seeds Sorter Machine to South Africa & Spain
  18. Maharaja Whiteline, Baddi :: coponentisation of machinery for IFRS identifiable assets.
  19. UFI Filters, Bawal :: coponentisation of machinery for IFRS identifiable assets.
  20. India Glycols Ltd :: assessment of residual life and providing Charetred Engineer Certificate on fixed assets / plant & machineries — Kashipur, Dehradun and Gorakhpur Unit
  21. Diamond Footcare :: assessment of damage to plant & machinery at Bahadurgarh Unit for Insurance claim
  22. Hindustan Solar :: Designing of Solar Earth Pit, Strip, LA & AC/DC Cable for Solar Plant in Bangalore
  23. Bajaj Insurance :: Root Cause Analysis for failure / collapse of Suzlon make Wind Mill of Endurance Ltd, Bada Baugh, Jaisalmer
  24. United Insurance ::Root Cause Analysis of GT # 2 Exhaust System Diverter Damper Components & Expansion Bellow Failure at Dholpur Combined Cycle Power Plant
  25. Glaxo Healthcare - chartered engineer certification and valuation of Lab Equipment: Stability Chamber to be exported to Glaxo Plant in Nigeria.
  26. Tirupati Fibres And Industries Ltd - Comprehensive Techno Viability Report of plant at Abu Road manufacturing synthetic yarn
  27. Kartik Traders - installation certificate for Seperator Grading Machine for Groundnuts at Bijnour
  28. Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd - valuation of Plant & Machinery (including Equipment) lying at specified locations of the Corporate Debtor under the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP), Manesar & Rohtak
  29. SkyBlue Papers Pvt Ltd, Chandigarh - valuation of plant & machinery And Fixed Assets of the Corporate Debtor for the purpose of Liquidation as per order on Hon'ble NCLT, Chandigarh
  30. Siddharth Tubes Ltd, Sarangpur & Shajapur, M.P. - valuation of plant & machinery And Fixed Assets of the Corporate Debtor for the purpose of CIRP proceedings as per Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016
  31. Form A (in Country of Sale) & Form B (in India) CE Certification for IMPORTED 2nd hand | Refurbished equipment & machinery as also Scrap from foreign land.
    • Electronics Items manufacturing Plant & Machinery from Belgium
    • Workshop Machinery from UK
    • Textile related machinery from Sri Lanka
    • Embroidery Machinery from Thailand
    • Chemical Plant & Machinery from Indonesia
    • Metal Scrap from Nepal
    • Electronics Items & Equipments having >80% residual life - meant for reSale / reUse in India
  32. Chartered Engineer certificate for EPCG Licence as format APPENDIX 32 A & Nexus Certificate as per Format APPENDIX 5A
  33. Loads of Project Reports including that for :
    • Salt Refinery in Fauzdarhat, Bangladesh
    • Cement Plant in Hargeisa, Somalia
    • Embroidery Unit in Trombay
    • Cold Storage Unit in Gajraula
    • Gold Jwelery Making Unit in Bhatinda
    • Herbal Skin & Hair Care Unit for Valeda in Bawana, New Delhi

Services Offered

As Chartered Engineer

CE H S Mishra and his team is experienced [over 30 years ] in the fields of Design, Fabrication, Erection, Commissioning, Manufacturing and maintenance in various Industries - General Engineering, Rubber, Textile, Sugar, Electrical & Electronics, Oil & Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Bulk Drug / Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Aqua / Sea Food, Power, Steel, Roads, Dams etc.
Technical Certification including valuation for PLANT & MACHINERY is done in the areas of Power, Infrastructure, Steel, Aluminum, Metallurgical, Mines, Food Processing, Sugar, Textile, Chemical, Port, Roads, Railways, Electrical, Instrumentation & various General Engineering Industries across the India as also abroad.

  1. Inspection & Issuance of CE CERTIFICATE on valuation of second hand imported machinery
  2. Valuation of Confiscated, uncleared, seized goods at port.
  3. Certification for Import / Export of Machine & Materials
  4. End Use Certification for EPCG Scheme
  5. Nexus Certificate
  6. Installation Certificates
  7. Import into SEZ
  8. Advance License
  9. Certificate for Export of Defective parts for repair & return
  10. Certification of DBK1 statement
  11. Fixation of 'SION'
  12. Pre-Shipment Inspection
  13. Certification of Machinery to avail subsidy
  14. Certificates for Government bodies
  15. Certification of 'AMORTIZATION COST' of Tools (Moulds/Dies)
  16. Certification for 'BIS' - BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS
  17. Certification for MNRE
  18. Machine Appraisal & Valuations
  19. Componentisation of Fixed Assets
  20. Independent Design Assessment
  21. Technical Audits
  22. Expert Witness & Arbitration
  23. Bill of Material Certificate
  24. Installation of Capital Goods / Spares
  25. Relocation of unit - Plant & Machinery
  26. Validation of Manufacturing Capacity

Popular Users of CE Services

  • Banks
  • Fininancial Institutions
  • Insurance Cos.
  • IBBI / IPA / IP / IU
  • Logistics Cos.
  • Clearing Agents
  • Courts
  • Arbitrators
  • Exprters / Importers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Accountants
  • Legal Authorities

As Approved & Registered Valuer

Upon appointment, as authorized valuers by the client, we accomplish the assignment as per the norms of Ministry of Finance - Government of India / Institution of Valuers.
For a pre-determined and specified purpose, valuation of assets is undertaken by authorized valuers. The certificate to the effect of valuation of asset is issued as per the prescribed forms and formats. It may be for immovable property, agricultural land, plantation, forests, mines & quarries, machinery & plant, jewelry, work of art and life interest. Costs and its components are worked out scientifically and methodically. It is as per the laid down related norms and principles. Valuation of material, machinery and premise is undertaken and consequent to the detailed study, a comprehensive certificate to the effect is issued by us. Costs are conditioned by age, usages, application, depreciation, source, material and technology input. The certificates are issued as per the respective formats for :

  • Immovable property (F01),
  • Agricultural lands (F02),
  • Plantations (F03),
  • Forest (F04),
  • Mines (F05),
  • Stocks & Securities (F06),
  • Machinery and Plant (F07),
  • Jewelry (F08),
  • Works of Art (F09)
  • Life interest & Expectancy (F10).

Popular Usages

  • Liquidation of Assets
  • Income Tax, Wealth Tax
  • Bank Loan, TEV Report
  • Registration of Property - Stamp Duty
  • Customs Duty / Excise Duty
  • Partition of Assets by Individuals / Companies
  • Merger or Division of companies
  • Sale / Auction
  • Visa Purpose
Registered / Member with :
Approved Valuer


Value Addition

As registered and approved Valuer the services of Mr Himanshu Shekhar Mishra are of utility to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) - the regulator for overseeing insolvency proceedings and entities like Insolvency Professional Agencies (IPA), Insolvency Professionals (IP) and Information Utilities (IU) in India. We adhere to the given timelines as per the new IBC code in order to speed up the resolution process for stressed assets in the country. We actively contribute towards the process of insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings / cases of the related two tribunals: NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal) and DRT (Debt Recovery Tribunal).
Popular usages are
  1. Valuation for Loans : conduct basic verification, wherein we plan / suggest ways of stopping defaulters from availing money and loans by way of manipulated and false documents.
  2. Valuations for Liquidation : undertake valuation of assets [including Fixed Assets | Current Assets | Investment worth of the debtor organization]
  3. Valuation of Plant & Machinery / Industrial assets : identify the true value of asset and its constituents / components.
  4. Componentising fixed assets into IFRS recognizable assets : Componentisation requires a company to allocate the amount initially recognized as an asset to be split (i.e: componentised) into parts and then separately depreciate each part as the significant part(s) of the asset / machinery may or may not have different useful lives.
  5. Advisory Services viz valuation for visa purpose, sale/purchase, M & A, IFRS/financial reporting, investment purpose, valuation for central government taxation under direct tax laws, lender engineer, mortgage and for partition of properties etc.

Additional Services Offered:

  • Project Study
  • Consultation
  • Project / Techno Economic Validation Reports
  • Technical Supervision
  • Stock Audit
  • Inspection
  • Insurance
  • Project Appraisal
  • Energy/ System / Process Audit
  • Valuation of Land & Building also undertaken for various Banks / Financial Institutions through Associate Valuers.

Schedule of Professional Fees

@ Chartered Engineer
  • 3,450 EPCG Licence
  • 2,300 Installation certificate
  • 2,875 Import into SEZ
  • 4,025 Import of second hand plant & machinery (per container)
  • 3,450 Advance Licence
  • 3,300 Export of defective parts for repair & return
  • 2,725 Pre-shipment inspection
  • 3,450 Certification of DBK 1 statement (duty drawback)
  • 5,750 Computation of installed capacity
  • 21,000 Componentisation of machinery for IFRS identifiable assets
  • 2,300 Certification of imported machinery for setting up solar power project and Bio mass project
  • 5,750 BIS certification
  • 5,750 Cold chain subsidy certification
  • 4,600 Testing Laboratory equipments certification
  • 3,450 Certification of BOM of Solar Power Developer
  • 1,725 Certification of each excise/customs duty exemption (per PO)
  • 2,300 Tender Certification of PO and completion certificate
  • 8,625 Useful Life certifications
Note : Inspection Cost | Incidentals / Out of Pocket Expenses | Conveyance | Travel | Boarding & Lodging Expenses + Govt GST @ 18% additional
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@ Approved & Registered Valuer
Govt of India prescribes as per 8C(1) Subject to the provisions of sub-rules (2) and (3), the fees to be charged by a registered valuer for valuation of any asset shall not exceed the amount calculated at the following rates, namely:
  •   1/2 % of the value — On the first Rs. 5,00,000 of the asset as valued
  •   1/5 % of the value — On the next Rs. 10 lakhs of the asset as valued
  •   1/10 % of the value — On the next Rs. 40 lakhs of the asset as valued
  •   1/20 % of the value — On the balance of the asset as valued
Note : Inspection Cost | Incidentals / Out of Pocket Expenses | Conveyance | Travel | Boarding & Lodging Expenses + Govt GST @ 18% additional
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Corp Scan Tower; 12/27 Plot 2 Mohit Nagar
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